Version 2.0 of COMOKIT is now available !

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, public health authorities around the world have experimented, in a short period of time, with various combinations of interventions at different scales. However, as the pandemic continues to progress, there is a growing need for tools and methodologies to quickly analyze the impact of these interventions and answer concrete questions regarding their effectiveness, range and temporality.

COMOKIT, the COVID-19 modeling kit, is such a tool. It is a set of computer models that allows to explore in silico intervention strategies before their eventual implementation phase and this at different scales: from the building scale to the global scale.

In COMOKIT, built using the agent-based modeling and simulation platform GAMA, the profiles, activities and interactions of people, person-to-person and environmental transmissions, individual clinical statuses, public health policies and interventions are explicitly represented and they all serve as a basis for describing the dynamics of the epidemic in a detailed and realistic representation of space.

Relying on sub-models that have been extensively tested, spatial and social data that can be collected easily and quickly, COMOKIT has been designed from the ground up to be generic, scalable and portable in a variety of social, epidemiological, economic, and geographical scenarios. As a consequence, it is highly configurable and extendable to new case studies.


An all-in-one distribution of COMOKIT V2.0 (comprising a Java Virtual Machine, GAMA 19 and COMOKIT itself), together with a comprehensive set of guidelines and documentation, allows first-time users of GAMA to quickly experiment with the model and build their own extensions or applications in a matter of minutes. Advanced GAMA users can download and import the model from its GitHub repository. Additional datasets are available in a separate repository.

We’d love to hear from you ! Enquiries, requests but also information on the models you are developing with COMOKIT can be sent to Finally, issues you might have with the model can be reported here.

Download COMOKIT V2.0