COMOKIT Albatross (C-Albatross)

COMOKIT-Albatross is a dedicated custom adaptation of COMOKIT. It simulates the spread of SARS-CoV-2 at the scale of the Netherlands. The activity diary for COMOKIT comes from the pre-generated mobility agenda in Albatross. The daily activities in Albatross are modelled at the precision of a minute, while the default COMOKIT behavior is modelled at the precision of one hour. The atomic spatial unit of this extension is at a Dutch 6-digit Postal Block level compared to the building level in COMOKIT. Epidemiological dynamics for COMOKIT-Albatross has also been modified to take into account this larger atomic spatial unit. The larger spatial resolution makes it possible to simulate a wider region, and fits the required spatial distribution of activities as modelled in Albatross agenda generator.

Albatross: A brief history

Albatross, currently in its version IV was first developed in the year 2000. Between years 2000-2010, three different versions of Albatross have been developed. It is based on the CHAID algroithm for decision trees and tables to extract decision heuristics from a national level activity-travel data. In its version IV, the fundamental change is to move away from a single-day activity generation to a multi-day dynamic forecasting systems. Please refer the following for full details.

Rasouli, S., Kim, S., & Yang, D. (2018). Albatross IV: from single day to multi time horizon travel demand forecasting. In Transportation Research Board 97th Annual Meeting.

Model Summary

Time Step60 min[10,15,30,60] min1min
Spatial UnitBuildingDutch-6 digit post code levelDutch - 4 digit post code level
Spatial Unit - Area-3000-7000 sq.m0.8mil-1.9mil sq.m
Social network modelYesYesNo
School Activities?YesCurrently NoNo
Infection ModelingYesYesNo
Infection ModelSEIR/SIR(modified)None
Activity AgendaGeneratedread from AlbatrossGenerated
Size of area modelledUrban LocalityCity/ CountryCountry

C-Albatross : extends activity behavior in COMOKIT

Reading agenda generated by the third party software Albatross


Upscaling daily activity location

C-Albatross : revised epidemiological dynamic

Replace COMOKIT epidemiological dynamic with custom functions

C-Albatross : preliminary results