COMOKIT Documentation

A GAMA model on the assessment and comparisons of intervention policies against the CoVid19 pandemics

COMOKIT is a complex integrated model that combines several specialized sub-models (transmission, activities, epidemiology, etc.). It is fully described in the form of an O.D.D. document that can be downloaded here, but this description does not concern the operational aspects of installation, initialization, parameterization and extension of COMOKIT, which are covered by this online documentation.

  • Getting started covers downloading, installing and launching the all-in-one version of COMOKIT (or importing COMOKIT into an existing GAMA installation) and executing predefined experiments.
  • Headless execution explains how to run experiments without graphical outputs, for example on an HPC infrastructure.
  • Parameterizing simulations explains how to modify the input parameters used by the different sub-models.
  • Extending COMOKIT covers how to prepare datasets so that COMOKIT can be applied to new case studies, and how to define new experiments

Please also refer to the official GAMA documentation for all matters related to the operation of the platform.